Terms & conditions scheduled flight

Ticket rules

The ticket is completely rebookable and cancelable.

The ticket is rebookable but not cancelable. When rebooking, any price difference is applied. No refund will be made if the new ticket price is lower than the original one.

The ticket can not be rebooked or canceled

Passenger categories
Adult> 12 years, full price. Tickets for children 2-12 years, maximum price 700 SEK excl. VAT regardless of ticket category. Infants <2 years, travel free in adult companion categories

Check-in / Boarding

At airports with check-in, this opens 45 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket.

Check-in closes 30 minutes before departure time indicated on ticket. Please do not come to the airport at the last minute. When the check-in is closed, a booked passenger has cleared his seat and the passenger who is on the waiting list has access to this.

The passenger must wait at the gate / collection point no later than 30 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket, to be escorted to the aircraft.

A passenger who is not on site at the gate / collection point 30 minutes before departure time stated on the ticket risks missing escort to the aircraft and thus the trip, this also means that the ticket for the current trip will then be used up.

PAJALA - Check-in through the airport's main gate

LULEÅ - Wait at VIP GATE to be escorted to the plane

UMEÅ - Wait at MEETING POINT for bus transport to aircraft

ÖSTERSUND – Vänta vid JONAIRs SKYLT utanför informationsdisken för eskortering till flygplan

SVEG – Incheckning genom flygplatsens huvudgate

UMEÅ - Wait at MEETING POINT for bus transport to aircraft

Booking and payment

To book a ticket you can most easily use the website's booking system. For support call +46 (0) 90 12 12 40. Jonair’s phone hours are: Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00. You can also contact your nearest travel agency for help with your booking.

Tickets are printed directly from the booking system, but it is also possible to show a valid ID at the gate before departure. However, you must always be able to present a valid identity document. Passengers without a valid document will be denied travel.

Your booking confirmation and receipt will be sent to the e-mail address you provided at the time of booking.

Jonair's website is constantly under development, we do our best to meet your expectations as a traveler but we can not be responsible for any inaccuracies in departure time, ticket price etc. that are not caused by gross negligence or intent on our part. Please note that errors may occur.

To book a ticket on Jonairs portal, you must be 18 years of age or older. The following types of tickets can not be booked on the portal

  • Unaccompanied children 5-12 years without the company of an adult traveler
  • Groups over 6 people
  • Special arrangements
  • Special luggage

To book any of the above, contact Jonair on + 46- (0) 90 12 12 40 or support@jonair.se

Jonair offers free booking between 09.00-17.00 weekdays. You can also book for a fee via your travel agency. Telephone number for Jonair + 46- (0) 90 12 12 40

When you book a ticket on Jonairs portal, you pay with VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard.


The ticket price includes luggage for a maximum weight of 20 kg incl. your hand luggage. 

Hand luggage may weigh a maximum of 5 kg and must fit on the floor by your chair, such as a smaller handbag or computer bag.  

Maximum size of checked luggage is 158 cm (length + width + height) and must not weigh more than 20 kilos incl. hand luggage.

Baggage that exceeds the specified size or weight is not guaranteed a place on board and is counted as special baggage or excess baggage, see below.

Luggage overweight

Overweight (over 20 kg) is charged SEK 30 including VAT per kg started (minimum fee SEK 200). In connection with overweight luggage, you will be referred to our ticket office to pay the overweight fee. Jonair can not guarantee that overweight can be brought on board.

Special luggage and extra luggage

Luggage over 20 kg or special luggage is taken subject to availability. In cases where excess luggage or special luggage can not be taken on board, it is sent with the next available departure. The minimum fee of SEK 200 per package and trip is charged regardless of whether the luggage is transported at the planned departure or the next available departure. This is paid on site before departure.

Jonair is not responsible for delivering late-arriving luggage over 20 kg, extra luggage or special luggage, the luggage must be picked up by the passenger at the final destination. Luggage over 20 kg, extra luggage or special luggage must be booked in advance, contact Jonair on + 46- (0) 90 12 12 40 or support@jonair.se

Sports equipment

Sports equipment counts as special luggage and has the same rules and conditions as above (Special luggage and extra luggage).

Ski equipment is transported subject to availability. Skis must be packed in a ski case, well packed and with only a pair of skis + poles per case.

Golf bags include a bag, clubs and a pair of shoes.

A fee of SEK 200 per package and trip is added regardless of whether the luggage is transported at the planned departure or not. This is paid on site before departure. Jonair is not responsible for the delivery of late-arriving sports equipment.

Permission to carry sports equipment in the cabin must be requested in advance by Jonair on +46 (0) 90- 12 12 40 or by email at


Strollers are taken if there is room, the wheels must be removed during transport and the stroller packed in a pram bag to reduce the risk of injury. Stroller bag can be purchased at most airports. Call Jonair's call center to make sure there is room on your particular flight.


Permission to bring a pet in the cabin must be requested in advance by Jonair on telephone number +46 (0) 90-12 12 40 or via email at support@jonair.se. Transport of animals is only subject to availability and that other passengers are not allergic to the booked animal. In the event of allergies in another passenger, original booking will be rebooked for another departure. Jonair is not responsible for personal expenses related to accommodation or other expenses that are added in the event of a change of departure. A fee of 200 SEK per cage and tour will be added when booking.

The following rules must be followed when transporting pets in the cabin:

The animal must not have a strong odor

Cages must be safe against leakage and must not exceed the dimensions 45x35x20 cm Animals and cages together must not exceed 8 kilos

Passengers may carry only one cage and the animal must be kept in the cage during the entire flight. The animal must not disturb other passengers.

Animals that are allowed in the cabin are all animals that meet the requirements above.

Electronic equipment

The following equipment is forbidden to use during take-off and landing, and when the sign "Fasten seat belt" is lit:

  • Laptop
  • Audio and video recording equipment
  • Electronic toys
  • Calculator
  • Pager
  • Electric shaver

The following equipment is prohibited for use during your entire stay on board:

  • Mobile phone / Walkie-talkie
  • CD player 
  • Radio transmitter 
  • Remote control equipment
  • Radio and TV receivers
  • Other equipment not mentioned but containing active transmitters

Taxes and fees

A plane ticket is charged with taxes and fees. Domestic tickets are subject to VAT at 6%. We have chosen to include these fees in all prices. Refund of ticket In cases where you as a traveler are entitled to a refund of ticket, credit must be made as follows: 7 working days for credit cards and 15 days for invoiced tickets. LOW and EXTRA LOW tickets are only refunded taxes against an administrative fee of SEK 150. The ticket price is not refundable.

Jonair's right to refuse transport

Jonair reserves the right to refuse passengers and baggage boarding. Passengers who due to health condition or behavior may be detrimental to oneself or their fellow travelers may be denied transportation. This also applies to objects that can be used as weapons or are not suitable for carrying on board.

Terms for group

Definition: Group booking refers to 6 people or more who travel together. Booking: Inquiry is made via support@jonair.se or phone +47 (0)90 12 12 40.

Ticket rules for group bookings

Ticketing takes place 14 days before departure. Cancellation: Up to 14 days before departure: full refund, 14-7 days before departure: 50% refund, Less than 7 days before departure: no refund

Name change: Name changes can be made free of charge until departure.

Luggage: 20 kg including hand luggage, hand luggage must not exceed the dimensions 45x20x35 cm

Your group ticket can be paid for as follows:

Credit / debit cards must be provided at the time of booking. We accept the following credit / debit cards: Eurocard (EC), Mastercard (CA), Visa (VI). Please note that all VISA cards issued by Swedbank must be activated in order to be used for online trading. Until this activation is done, no online bookings can be made with the card as a method of payment. Contact Swedbank for further information.

Cash payment at most travel agencies.

For questions regarding our invoicing, contact Jonair on +46 (0) 90 12 12 40. An invoicing fee of SEK 50 including VAT will be added per invoice.

NOTE! EU decision on changed rules for hand luggage - liquids in Hand luggage

You may carry liquids in containers of no more than 1 dl (100 ml). The containers with liquids must be stored in a transparent 1-liter resealable plastic bag. If you do not have such a bag, they are available at all Swedish airports (possibly for a certain fee). Liquids mean: jellies, creams, water, toothpaste, hair gels, beverages, soups, juices, perfumes, shaving creams, sprays and other articles of similar consistency. Pack liquid medicines, baby food and diet food in such a way that you can easily show them at the security checkpoint at the airport. However, they do not have to be in plastic bags. The rules for restrictions on liquids do not cover checked baggage. Remember to pack extra carefully if you pack bottles of liquid in the checked baggage, for example. Any damage to luggage if a bottle breaks down will not be reimbursed. We ask you to be out in good time at the airport as queues for security checks may occur. Read more about the new rules at the Swedish Transport Agency

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods that are allowed to be transported in luggage:

  • Alcoholic beverages. Well packed in hand luggage. Max 5 liters / passenger
  • Dry ice only in hand luggage well packed against water. Max 1 kg / passenger
  • Matches and lighters Only in pockets for personal use. Max 5 lighters / passengers. Refill, however, not allowed
  • Ammunition for sport shooting Only in original packaging and in checked baggage. However, not light cartridges. Max 5 kg / passenger
  • Medicines, toiletries, sprays, perfumes, cologne and medicines containing alcohol may be carried in checked luggage up to 2 liters or in hand luggage max 0.5 liters or 0.5 kg. However, each package must not exceed 0.3 liters or 0.3 kg.
  • Curling brushes powered by gas in checked in baggage or hand luggage may not be used on board.
  • Knife / scissors or other sharp objects. Knife blade max 5 cm. Please note that all knives must be checked in.
  • Oxygen, compressed air stub with a maximum of one liter volume of so-called inhaler may be carried in the cabin.

Dangerous goods not allowed:

  • Pyrotechnic objects (fireworks, salutes, etc.) Totally forbidden in both hand and checked baggage
  • Mercury barometer completely banned in both hand and checked baggage
  • Flammable liquids (Paint, t-spirits, etc.) totally prohibited in both hand and checked baggage

The following luggage may contain dangerous goods:

  • Ski equipment. Possible contents: gas container for gas lamp
  • Military baggage. Possible contents: loose cartridges, ammunition, hand and smoke grenades
  • Backpacks and camping equipment. Possible contents: gas and primus kitchen with fuel, kerosene, matches, rockets and denatured spirits Industrial packaging (wooden boxes, metal / thermos bottles, metal containers)

For further information, please contact the check-in staff.

Weapons and ammunition

By law, it is forbidden to carry firearms in the passenger compartment. The following applies to arms transport: Weapons and ammunition must be checked in. The weapon must be divided into two parts and packed in separate bags. The ammunition must be stored in its original packaging and may weigh a maximum of 5 kg / passenger. Ammunition transport You may bring quantities up to 5 kg. Ammunition must be in the checked baggage and transported in the hold. Ammunition must be packed in its original packaging. Cartridges for shotguns must be separated from each other by partitions in the ammunition carton. Shotgun cartridges must be fixed so that they do not lie loose in the box. We do not accept that you pack ammunition with other passengers so that more than 5 kg is packed in a bag. Quantities larger than 5 kg must be sent as shipping.

Pregnant women and children

For unaccompanied children under the age of 12, contact Jonair on +46 (0) 90 12 12 40.

Pregnant women are allowed to fly indefinitely until 4 weeks before the expected birth. When there are less than 4 weeks left until the expected birth, a medical certificate is required and the journey must not exceed 2 hours.

It is allowed with one infant (0-2 years) per adult, however, a maximum of one (1) child in total on board at the same time. The child must not be fastened in the parent's seat belt, but receives his or her own seat belt which is fastened to the adult's. The child must be held firmly at take-off and landing. To help the child with pressure relief, you can give the child nasal drops half an hour before departure.

Baby basket and baby seat can not be ordered for any of our flights. For those of you who wish to bring a baby seat in the cabin, it must be placed in a separate seat and must pay a fee as for accompanying children 2-12 years. Examples of child seats that we accept are Maxi Cosi, Atlas Baby Seat, Romer / Britax and Baby Safe. It is not permitted for the adult passenger to have such a seat in his lap. Maximum dimension of baby seat: Length: 65 cm Height: 45 cm


For everyone's safety and comfort, all Jonair flights are non-smoking.


In general, on our aircraft, we can only offer flights for travelers who need assistance to and from the aircraft. You must be able to get on board the aircraft yourself and get to your seat. If you are unable to move during a possible evacuation, you will be considered disabled. If you are visually impaired or hearing impaired, you are not counted as disabled.

Jonair offers assistance to travelers who are visually impaired, hearing impaired and travelers with reduced mobility. However, the passenger must be able to get up and down the aircraft stairs and up to the seat when it comes to the aircraft type PA-31 and Beech King Air 200, beechcraft 1900 and Cessna Citation 560 xl.

Assistance must be booked / announced in advance by phone +46 (0) 90 12 12 40 or by email support@jonair.se

If you need assistance, you must show up at the gate at least 30 minutes before departure time.

In connection with your booking of travel, state what type of help you need and if you wish to bring oxygen for medical use on board.

WCHR (Wheelchair to ramp)

  • I need a wheelchair to / from the plane but can walk up and down stairs myself and get to the airplane seat.


  • Due to safety reasons, Jonair is not able to bring a wheelchair on board our aircraft.
AdressPhoneTelefaxE-mail / Internet
Västra Esplanaden 2+46 90 121240+46 90 142966support@jonair.se

Your rights


If you have any other questions regarding your trip, you are welcome to contact Jonair on telephone +46 (0) 90 12 12 40 or via email at support@jonair.se

In the event of delays of more than two hours, we offer compensation for any additional costs, such as food costs and two telephone calls or e-mails, during the waiting period. In the event of longer delays, compensation for accommodation and transport to and from the accommodation may also be considered. If the flight is delayed by more than 5 hours, the passenger has the right to choose to forgo the flight and have the price of the ticket refunded by the airline and, in current cases, a return flight to the first departure point (One of Jonair's destinations, Pajala, Luleå, Umeå, Östersund, Sveg or Arlanda depending on which destination is on Jonair's issued ticket for the current trip) as soon as possible.

In the event of longer delays, a right to compensation may also arise, in accordance with the judgment of the European Court of Justice in case C-432/07, Sturgeon. Remember to save all receipts!

When flights are canceled, we can offer rebooking to the final destination in your flight ticket as soon as possible or at a later time that the passenger deems appropriate, under equivalent transport conditions and compensation for additional costs during the waiting period. These additional costs can be, for example, food costs, hotel accommodation and transport to and from the hotel, when applicable. If the flight is canceled, you also have the right to make two telephone calls or send two faxes or e-mails free of charge. If we have not informed that the flight is canceled no later than seven days before the flight, and the flight to which the passenger is rebooked departs more than one hour earlier or arrives more than two hours later than the original flight, and if the flight cancellation is not due to extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided by the airline even if all reasonable measures had been taken, the passenger is entitled to compensation amounting to 250 euros. If you choose to cancel the trip, you are entitled to a refund of the unused flight ticket and also, in relevant cases, - a return flight to the first departure point (One of Jonair's destinations, Pajala, Luleå, Umeå, Östersund, Sveg or Arlanda depending on which destination available on Jonair's issued ticket for the current trip) as soon as possible. You then need to contact Jonair on +46 (0) 90 12 12 40

Denied boarding, if your flight is overbooked, Jonair will primarily ask if there are any volunteers who are willing to relinquish their place in exchange for benefits that the passengers and the airline concerned agree on. These volunteers must, in addition to the benefits, also be offered the opportunity to cancel the trip and have the ticket price refunded or rebooked to the final destination (Any of Jonair's destinations, Pajala, Luleå, Umeå, Östersund, Sveg or Arlanda depending on which destination is on Jonair's issued ticket for the journey in question) as soon as possible or at a later time which the passenger deems appropriate, under equivalent conditions of carriage. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline can deny passengers boarding. Passengers who have then been denied boarding are entitled to compensation amounting to EUR 250, or EUR 125 if the airline can offer a rebooking to the place of arrival which arrives less than two hours later than the original flight. The passenger who has been denied boarding also has the right to cancel the journey and have the ticket refunded and, where applicable, a return flight to the first place of departure (any of Jonair's destinations, Pajala, Luleå, Umeå, Östersund, Sveg or Arlanda depending on which destination is on Jonair's issued a ticket for the trip in question as soon as possible, as well as the right to meals and refreshments in reasonable proportion to the waiting time and hotel room, as well as transport to and from the hotel, in cases where accommodation for one or more nights becomes necessary. make two phone calls or send two faxes or e-mails free of charge. employees could not prevent even though they took a ll the measures that can reasonably be requested to avoid the damage.

EU Regulation 261/2004, Jonair complies with EU Regulation 261/2004 of 11 February 2004 laying down common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and canceled or delayed flights and repealing Regulation (EEC) 295/9. Download the regulation as a PDF

Delayed / Damaged luggage to report lost luggage, we welcome you to contact Jonair on telephone +46 (0) 90 12 12 40 or via email at support@jonair.se

Jonair's general regulations for passengers and luggage


These transport conditions regulate the relationship between you as a passenger and us as a carrier regarding your transport on an aircraft in accordance with a ticket bearing our airline code for this flight or flight segment. Your rights and obligations towards us and vice versa regarding this are described in the transport conditions. We recommend that you read the transport conditions carefully as they clarify certain limitations that affect you, for example regarding our liability towards you in the event of damage or delays that affect you and / or your luggage. If our limitation of liability is not satisfactory in relation to your needs, we advise you to take out personal travel insurance. These transport conditions are subject to change without notice.


As you read these terms, please note the following:

1.1. "WE", "OUR", and "US" means Jonair AB.

1.2. "YOUR" and "YOU" means anyone, other than crew members, who is or is to be transported by airplane in accordance with a ticket. (See also definition of "passenger").

1.3. "AGREED STAYS" means the places, in addition to the place of departure and place of arrival, which are stated on your ticket or which are determined in our timetables as planned stops on your trip.

1.4. "AIR CODE" means the two or three letters that identify specific airlines.

1.5. "AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE" means a passenger sales representative who has been appointed by us to represent us in the sale of air transport regarding our services.

1.6. By "BAGAGE" is meant your private property that accompanies you on your journey. Unless otherwise stated, it consists of both your checked in baggage and your unchecked baggage.

1.7. "LUGGAGE RECEIPT" means the part of the ticket that is associated with the transport of your checked baggage.

1.8. “BAGGAGE IDENTIFICATION NOTE” means a document that has only been issued to identify checked baggage.

1.9. "CLOSE FAMILY" means your spouse or partner, parents, children, sisters and brothers, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law.

1.10. "TRAVEL PLAN / RECEIPT" means documents that we issue to passengers traveling with electronic tickets which contain the passenger's name, flight information and messages.

1.11. "NOTICE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS INCLUDED BY REFERENCE" means the explanations contained in or delivered with your ticket or itinerary / receipt, which are identified as such and which by reference incorporate these terms and conditions of communication.

1.12. "OUR REGULATIONS" means our conditions regarding procedures and standards in addition to these conditions, which regulate the transport conditions for passengers and / or luggage and include all applicable tariffs.

1.13. "PASSENGER" means a person, other than crew members who are or are to be transported in an airplane in accordance with a ticket. (See also definitions such as "you" and "your")

1.14. "PASSENGER COUPON" or "PASSENGER RECEIPT" means the part of the ticket issued by us or on our behalf, which is marked as such and which will ultimately be retained by you.

1.15. "SDR" means a special drawing right, which is the composite currency unit that is the official currency unit of the International Monetary Fund. Information on the current exchange rate for a special drawing right in one of the Nordic currencies can be found in newspapers or at bank branches.

1.16. “STOP” means a planned stop on your journey, somewhere between the place of departure and the destination for at least twenty-four (24) hours.

1.17. "TARIFF" means the published prices, charges and / or related conditions of carriage for an airline which, when necessary, have been submitted to the competent authorities.

1.18. "TICKET" means either the document known as the "Passenger Ticket and Baggage Receipt" or the electronic ticket always issued by us or on our behalf, which includes the notice of contract terms incorporated by reference, as well as other notices and coupons.

1.19. "UNCHECKED BAGGAGE" means all your luggage that is not checked in.


2.1. These transport conditions only apply to the flights or flight segments where our name or our airline code is stated in the box "carrier" on the ticket for the specific flight or flight segment. In cases where we operate flights for other airlines, our obligations remain


3.1. The ticket is decisive proof of the transport agreement between us and the passenger stated on the ticket. We will only offer transport to the passenger whose name is stated on the ticket and you may need to present the appropriate ID document.

3.2. A ticket purchased for personal use, for example for purposes other than trade, business or profession may be transferred in full (but not in part), provided:

3.2.1. That you contact us with a request for transfer of your ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time which is stated on the ticket's first flight voucher, and that the person to whom the ticket is to be transferred fulfills all conditions that apply to the original ticket. When you transfer your ticket to us, we will issue a new ticket in the name of the person to whom the ticket is to be transferred. The new ticket will be subject to the same conditions as the exchanged ticket.

3.3. Except as provided above, a ticket may not be transferred.

3.4. Some tickets are sold at discounted prices which may be partially or completely non-refundable. You should choose the fare that best suits your needs. You may also want to ensure that you have appropriate insurance to cover the cases where you have to cancel your ticket.

3.5. If you have a ticket as described in the article above and are prevented from traveling due to Force majeure, we will reimburse you by deducting the non-refundable amount which can be used for future travel with us, provided that you have been able to show evidence of this Force majeure.

3.6. The ticket is and remains the property of the issuing carrier.

3.7. Except in the case of an electronic ticket, you shall not be entitled to be transported on a flight unless you present a valid ticket containing the flight voucher for that flight and all other unused flight vouchers, as well as the passenger voucher. In addition, you shall not have the right to be transported if the ticket presented has been distorted or if it has been changed, other than by us or our authorized representatives. In the case of an electronic ticket, you should not have the right to be transported on a flight if you cannot present valid identification and that a valid electronic ticket has been issued in your name.

3.8. If you have lost or distorted a ticket (or part of it), or if you are unable to present a ticket containing the passenger voucher and all unused flight vouchers, we will, at your request and if we have issued the ticket in question, replace this ticket ( or part of it) by issuing a new ticket, provided that there is evidence that can be easily confirmed at the time, that a ticket that was valid for the flights in question has been issued correctly and that you sign an agreement that makes you liable for any costs or losses up to the value of the original ticket, which are necessary and which we or another carrier reasonably incurs for misuse of the original ticket. We will not charge you for any losses resulting from our own negligence. We may charge an administration fee for this service, unless the loss or distortion was due to negligence on the part of us or one of our authorized agents.

3.9. If this proof of the above is not available or if you sign such an agreement, we may request that you pay up to the full ticket price for a replacement ticket, which can be refunded if and when we are satisfied that the lost or distorted ticket has not been used before the expiry. of its period of validity. If you find the original ticket before the expiry of its period of validity and if you hand it over to us, the above refund will be processed at this time.

3.10. A ticket is a valuable document and you should take appropriate measures to protect it, as well as ensure that it does not disappear or be stolen.


4.1 Unless otherwise stated on the ticket, in these transport conditions, or in applicable tariffs (which may limit the validity of a ticket, as the restriction will be stated on the ticket), a ticket applies:

4.1.1. One year from the date of issue or

4.1.2. Depending on the first trip that takes place within one year from the date of issue, one year from the first day of travel according to the ticket.

4.1.3. If you are prevented from traveling within the validity of the ticket because we could not confirm a reservation at the time you requested reservations, your ticket will be extended until our first flight with a seat on board or you will be eligible for a refund in in accordance with Article 10 (3).

4.1.4. If, after starting your journey, you are prevented from traveling within the validity of the ticket due to illness, we can extend the validity of your ticket until the day when you are healthy enough to travel or until our first flight after the date from the time when the journey is resumed when there is room in the class for which the ticket price has been paid. This disease must be certified by a medical certificate. When the flight vouchers remaining in the ticket, or in the case of an electronic ticket, the electronic voucher, include one or more delays, the period of validity of this ticket may be extended for a maximum of three months from the date indicated on this certificate. If you have a ticket with a special price, the deadline for an extension is a maximum of 7 days, unless it is prohibited according to the rules that apply to the price paid. In such circumstances, we will similarly extend the validity of the tickets for your immediate family members traveling with you.

4.1.5. If a passenger dies during a journey, the tickets for the persons traveling with the passenger may be changed by waiving the shortest stay or extending the validity. If a person belonging to a passenger's immediate family dies and that passenger has already begun his journey, the validity of the tickets for both the passenger in question and his or her immediate family traveling with the passenger shall be modified in the same way. Any modification shall take place upon receipt of a valid death certificate and no such extension shall apply for a longer period than forty-five (45) days from the date of death.


5.1. The ticket you have purchased is only valid for the transport stated on the ticket, from the place of departure via any agreed stopovers to the final destination.

5.2. If you want to change any part of your transport, you must contact us in advance. The price for your new transport will be calculated and you will be given the opportunity to accept the new price or keep your original transport according to the ticket. If you have to change any part of your transport due to Force majeure, you must contact us as soon as possible, and we will strive to transport you to your next stopover or final destination, without calculating a new price.

5.3. Change of transport - You must pay all differences between the price you have paid and the total price of your changed transport.

5.4. You should be aware that while some types of changes do not lead to a change in the fare, others such as a change in the place of departure (for example if you do not fly the first segment) or if you change the direction of your trip can lead to a price increase . Many fares only apply to the dates and for the flights indicated on the ticket and changes may not be allowed, or only against payment of a surcharge.

5.5. You should be aware that if you do not show up for a flight without informing us in advance, we can cancel your return trip or later reservations. However, if you inform us in advance, we will not cancel your later flight reservations,


6.1. Our name can be abbreviated to our airline code, or in another way on the ticket. Our address must be considered as the departure airport indicated opposite the first abbreviation of our name in the box "carrier" on the ticket, or in the case of an electronic ticket, which is indicated for our first flight segment in the itinerary / receipt.



7.1. Prices only apply to transport from the airport at the place of departure to the airport at the destination, unless otherwise expressly stated. Prices do not include ground transportation between airports and between airports and city terminals unless otherwise expressly stated. Unless otherwise agreed, your price will be calculated in accordance with our tariff that applies on the day you reserve your ticket for travel on the specific dates and according to the itinerary stated on it. Changing your itinerary or your travel dates may affect the price you pay.


7.2. Applicable taxes and fees imposed by government agencies or the airport operator must be paid by you. The price included taxes and fees that are not included in the net price, which are often listed separately on the ticket.

7.3. Jonair always indicates the taxes and fees that are unavoidable and foreseeable at the time of publication of the price to the consumer.


7.4. Prices, taxes and fees must be paid in the currency of the country in which the ticket was issued, unless another currency is specified by us or our authorized agents, at or before payment is imposed (for example, because the local currency cannot be converted). We can accept payment in another currency at our own discretion.



5.1 We or our authorized representatives will register your reservation (s).

5.2. At your request, we will issue a written confirmation of your reservation (s).

5.3. Some rates have restrictions which limit or exclude your right to change or cancel reservations or request a refund.


6.1. If you have not paid for the ticket before the specified deadline for the ticket, which we or our authorized representatives have informed about, we can cancel your reservation.

6.2. You should check the confirmation requirements with all other carriers involved in your trip. When required, you must reconfirm with the carrier whose code is indicated for the current flight on the ticket.


7.1. You understand that your personal information has been provided to us for the purpose of: making a reservation, buying a ticket, receiving extra services such as hotel reservations and car rental, developing and providing services such as special aids for people with reduced mobility, special meals and fulfillment of other special requests that our passengers may have, facilitate immigration and entry procedures and make such information available to authorities, in connection with your trip. For these purposes, you authorize us to retain and use this information and transfer it to our own offices, authorized agents, government agencies, or other airlines or those providing the above services. Your personal information will not be used for marketing purposes without your permission.


8.1. We will strive to meet investment requirements but we can not guarantee a specific location. We reserve the right to redistribute or redistribute seats at any time, even after boarding the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational and safety reasons.


9.1. Reservations for continued travel or return travel may be subject to a requirement to confirm the reservations within specific deadlines. We will inform you when we need a confirmation and how and when it will take place. If this is required and you do not confirm again, we may cancel your reservations for further travel and return travel. However, if you inform us that you wish to continue your journey and there is room on the flight, we will reset your reservations and transport you. If there is no space on the flight, we will reasonably try to transport you to your next or final destination.


10.1. Check-in times may vary from airport to airport and we recommend that you collect information on these check-in times and follow them. Your journey will be smoother if you allow yourself plenty of time to follow the check-in times.

10.2. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you do not follow the stated check-in times.

10.3. We or our authorized representatives will inform you of your check-in time for your first flight with us. For later flights on your trip, you should pick up information about check-in times. Check-in times for our flights are found in our timetable, or can be obtained from us or our authorized representatives.

10.4. You must be at the gate / collection point no later than the time specified by us or our authorized representatives when you check in / wait for boarding.

10.5. We can cancel the place that has been reserved for you if you do not arrive at the gate / collection point in time.

10.6. We will not be liable to you for any loss or expense incurred as a result of your failure to comply with the provisions of this article unless we have been negligent.



11.1. In the reasonable exercise of our control, we may refuse to carry you or your luggage if we have informed you in writing that we would not carry you on our flights at any time after the date of this notice. In this case, you will be entitled to a refund. We may also refuse to transport you or your luggage if one or more of the following events have occurred or if we reasonably believe that they will occur:

11.1.1. whether this measure is necessary to comply with any applicable state laws, regulations or rules;

11.1.2. if the transport of you or your luggage may endanger or affect the safety, health or significantly affect the comfort of other passengers or crew.

11.1.3. if your mental or physical condition, including your alcohol or drug exposure, poses a danger or risk to yourself, passengers, crew, or property;

11.1.4. if you have behaved badly on a previous flight and we have reason to believe that such behavior may be repeated.

11.1.5. if you have refused to undergo a security check

11.1.6. if you have not paid current prices, taxes or fees.

11.1.7. if you do not appear to have valid travel documents, may try to enter a country in which you are in transfer, or for which you do not have valid travel documents, destroy your travel documents in flight or refuse to hand over your travel documents to the flight crew upon receipt, when so requested; or if we otherwise have reason to believe that you will not be allowed to enter the country that is your final destination or another country where you are in transfer;

11.1.8. if you present a ticket that has been acquired illegally, has been purchased by an entity other than us or our authorized agents, or has been reported as lost or stolen, is counterfeit, or if you cannot prove that you are the person named on the ticket.

11.1.9. if you have not met the above requirements regarding coupon order and use or if you present a ticket that has been issued or altered in any way, other than by us or our authorized agents, or the ticket has been distorted;

11.1.10. If you do not comply with our safety instructions.


An aviation safety assessment needs to be carried out when transporting unaccompanied children, disabled people, pregnant women, people with illnesses, or other people who need special assistance, and there is also a need to plan assistance with the best possible foresight.

The smaller aircraft types that Jonair operates entail safety-related restrictions regarding the types of disabilities that are possible on Jonair's flights, as well as regarding the number of people with disabilities who can fly the same flight.

We therefore want you to report your disability or need for assistance as above at the latest in connection with the booking, so that we can decide early on and announce whether it will be possible to transport you on the flight in question.

As there is a risk that we may need to refuse travel in order to meet applicable safety requirements or because it is physically impossible to take on board or transport the person, the passenger can, by informing about their special needs in advance, be notified early if it will be able to travel, and thus make sure to avoid the inconvenience of being denied boarding. For more information about traveling with Jonair with a disability email support@jonair.se



13.1. You may bring certain luggage free of charge, subject to our rules and restrictions, which can be obtained at the request of us or our authorized representatives and are available under "Luggage" in the document.


13.2. You will be required to pay a fee for the transport of luggage in addition to the free luggage. These prices can be requested from us or our authorized representatives


You must not have the following in your luggage:

13.3. objects that could endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Air Transport of Dangerous Goods and the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Regulation on Dangerous Goods, as well as in our regulations (more information can be obtained from us on request);

13.4. objects whose transport is prohibited under applicable laws, regulations and decisions in any state from which we are to fly, over or to

13.5. live animals, with the exception of what is prescribed under the heading "Animals".

13.6. objects which we reasonably consider unsuitable for transport because they are dangerous or unsafe, or because of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or volatile in view of, inter alia, the type of aircraft used. Information about which items we consider unsuitable can be obtained from us on request.

13.7. It is forbidden to transport firearms and ammunition other than for hunting and sports as luggage. Firearms and ammunition for hunting and fishing can be approved as checked baggage. Firearms must be unloaded with the fuse on and packed appropriately. Transport of ammunition is covered by ICAO and IATA rules in accordance with the section "weapons and ammunition".

13.8. Firearms such as antique firearms, swords, knives and similar items can be accepted as checked baggage at our discretion, but will not be allowed in the aircraft cabin.

13.9. You may not have money, keys, prescription drugs, jewelry, precious metals, fragile or volatile items, computers, cell phones, personal electronic devices, contract documents, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other ID documents or samples, in your checked in baggage .

13.10. 13.7,13.8, 13.9 are in your checked baggage, we are not responsible for any loss, delay, or damage to this item.


14.1. We will refuse to carry the items described in "Unauthorized Dangerous Goods" as luggage, and we may refuse further transportation of such items if we discover them.

14.2. We may refuse to carry any item as luggage if we reasonably consider it unsuitable for transport due to its size, shape, weight, contents, character, or for reasons of safety or operation, or the comfort of other passengers. Information on non-approved items can be obtained on request.

14.3 We may refuse to approve baggage for carriage unless, in our reasonable opinion, it has not been properly and safely packed in suitable containers. Information about packaging and containers that are not approved by us can be obtained on request.

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